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Edward M. Gilbert, Jr. & Patricia H. Gilbert
 Illustrations by Dan Sayers

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We are takng  a hiatus from seminars. We survived and are rebuilding our lives. We came out of the Paradise, CA fires. Please do contact us as we are still writing and answering questions for you.

"A beach is made with one grain of sand at a time. CHIC builds breed resources one dog health record at a time.” Pat Gilbert, Breeder, AKC CKC Judge,  Educator, and Writer

“Embrace the future before we live only in the past.” Pat Gilbert, Breeder, AKC CKC Judge,  Educator, and Writer

 “The great specimen may never be a great winner, but it will most certainly be a great producer, whereas a great winner may never reproduce, no matter its win record or advertising budget. The whelping box determines the great specimen. Promotion determines the great winner.” Dan SayersCanine Artist and Irish Water Spaniel, Rhodeisan Ridgeback breeder

Readers Comment: Ed , I should write more often to thank you for these excellent posts. What you do is such a nice service to the dog community!
Best to you and Pat - Paula   Response: Paula – Thank you,  Ed and Pat

Seminar Attendee Comment: "Thank you Ed and Pat!
It was a wonderful seminar and it was great that you incorporated the German Pinscher into your discussion specifically for our club. I could not thank you enough for time and dedication. It was a much needed education experience for our members. Best Regards"

Seminar Comment: "Thank you both for providing and excellent educational outlet for our members and non members alike."

Seminar Comment: "Thank you so much for the seminar! I only wished we would have been able to do a full day but our Nationals were already jam packed with activities. I received very positive feedback from the members so again, thank you so very much!" Regards, - Rob
Gilberts' K-9 Structure & Movement Seminar
For The Serious Dog Fancier
Listen, Question, Learn, and Be Challenged
Beginning to Winning

We have presented Benefit Seminars and donated our fees for: AHCA Health Fund, AKC/CAR, AKC Canine Health Foundation, Leader Dogs for the Blind, Take the Lead, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Hurricane Katrina causes, Keeshond Donor's Circle Trust, Irish Setter Club of America Health Foundation, Weimaraner Club of America Health, Doberman Pinscher Club of America Health Centennial Circle, Chihuahua Club of America CHF Research and several other wonderful organizations. Please contact us for your Benefit Seminar.  
Ed & Pat Gilbert - Gilberts' K-9 Seminars

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