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By E. M. Gilbert Jr.

On purebred dogs, due to our investment in research, we know what genetic problems we have. Our breeding programs are based on removing all genetic defects from our breeds. Each breed can have genetic problems just like people. Unfortunately mixed breeds have health issues, but the owners do not have tests run on them for genetic defects. Purebred dog owners demand various health checks prior to breeding - this assures that certain problems will be eliminated from the breed. Health considerations are a primary factor in all purebred breeding programs. As mixed breeds are the result of cross breeding two or more breeds - they are subject to any health problems of those breeds. Mixed breeds, when bred, do not have health checks prior to breeding. Most every purebred dog when it passes away is diagnosed to determine the cause of death - this info. is fed into the breeds health data base. Mixed breeds only die of unknown causes or the proverbial "natural causes." The American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation spends in excess of 1 million dollars a year on research in order to eliminate the various genetic problems. As there is only one medicine - most of this research has also benefited people. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and PETA do not spend one cent on research - their money is spent on legislation, misleading ad campaigns and large salaries and perks for their officers. HSUS does not help the local Humane Societies. In most cases the local societies are under funded and understaffed and do help animals in need. This is not true of HSUS or PETA.