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THINK IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE IN “THE LAND OF THE FREE.” Or Now Do You Understand This is a World Wide Movement – Go Vegan!
By E. M. Gilbert Jr.

The following is based on an article that appeared in the UK Times. The Times (UK)
New Swiss law protects rights of 'social' animals April 26, 2008

This writer, when attempting to verify the information could not find any Swiss source in English on the internet with any reference to this legislation. But the basic information is plausible due to the Animal Rights factions (in Switzerland called Animal Protectionists) and their allies in the Green Party in the European Union.

Animal Rights activists are alive and sick in Europe. A new Swiss law incorporates rights for animals, dog owners will require a qualification, fisherman will take lessons in compassion and horses will go only in twos (you can’t just have one – sounds like an advertising slogan for Lay’s potato chips).

Any animal classified as a "social species" will be a victim of abuse if it does not cohabit, or at least have contact, with others of its own kind. Boy, does this apply to the human species also. No more singles!

The new regulation stipulates that aquariums for pet fish should not be transparent on all sides and that owners must make sure that the natural cycle of day and night is maintained in terms of light. Goldfish are considered social animals.

This animal Utopia creation is the Swiss federal parliament, the Bundesrat (shades of Adolph Hitler, the first Animal Rights activist), which adopted a law in April 2008 extending to four legs the kind of rights usually reserved for humans. The law, which comes into force on September 1, 2008, is particularly strict over dogs: prospective owners will have to pay for and complete a two-part course: ­ a theory section on the needs and wishes of the animal, and a practice section, where students will be instructed in how to walk their dog and react to various situations that might arise during the process. The details of the courses are yet to be set, but they are likely to comprise about five theory lessons and at least five sessions "in the field". The Schweizerische Kynologische Gesellschaft (SKG) - i.e. the Swiss equivalent of the American Kennel Club has been providing classes for the public for several years. Wonder if that will be utilized?

Anglers will also be required to complete a course on catching fish humanely, with the Government citing studies indicating that fish can suffer too.

The regulations will affect farmers, who will no longer be allowed to tether horses, sheep and goats, nor keep pigs and cows in areas with hard floors.

Hans Wyss, head of the Swiss Federal Veterinary Office, said: "The aim is not only to ensure treatment of animals appropriate to each species, but also to decrease the risk of attacks by dangerous dogs. Inappropriate treatment could lead to behavioural disorders."

Doris Leuthard, the Economics Minister, assured pet owners that the authorities would not be visiting people's homes to enforce the law ­although in extreme cases officials would have the power to intervene but would count on the results of the training and a positive response from an "informed population". Wonder if Mrs. Leuthard, a lawyer, ever questioned why have a law if the intent is not to enforce it on everyone? It sure would be nice if Mrs. Leuthard was an “informed person” on animals and animal husbandry.

"We do not want to create a surveillance state," Mrs. Leuthard said. She added that, in an age of consumer concern for animal welfare, farmers would benefit from the new law. And they wonder why the UN says we are heading into a food crisis.