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By E. M. Gilbert Jr.

Recently Pat and I were showing our dog at a series of dog shows where we stayed in a Motel for several nights. The Motel was involved in quite a number of instances, the year before (2007), of dog fanciers not cleaning up after their dogs. The kennel club prevailed upon the Motel owner to permit dogs during their 2008 shows. The owner decided to permit dogs – unknown to the fanciers that stayed there the rates were increased $50 a night for anyone with a dog. Fanciers thought they were obtaining the regular rate.

This year the flower beds, lawns and sidewalks were used by the dogs for feces disposal. Only a few owners and/or handlers cleaned up after their dog(s). What ever happened to common decency?

This writer caught several owners ignoring what their dog had done. When confronted on their lack of pick up – they initially claimed their dog had not defecated. Without my saying so, they suddenly realized that I judged their breed so they grudgingly cleaned up their dogs mess.

The RV area at the show grounds were kept clean. The real professionals act responsibly. Why can’t those Motels that accept dogs receive the same kind of treatment – clean grounds?

Will the Motel be available in 2009? If yes, will the rate again be increased to cover the increased cost of clean up, garden and lawn care?

These irresponsible actions only aid those that are attempting to legislate our dogs out of existence. Who likes to step out of their Motel room and step into a dogs feces? Then with the smell on their shoes go and eat breakfast while the odor from the bottom of their shoes permeates the air.

Some fanciers did pick up after their dogs – but most did not confront those that violated basic decency and made a bad name for the fancy.

If we want dog shows in the future and want decent animal control laws we need the general public on our side. We also need Motels to stay in when we go to the shows. So it is up to all of us in the fancy to act responsibly and also to ensure other fanciers also act responsibly. We need to police our own – or face the consequences of no dogs at Motels, no shows and restrictive and anti-dog legislation.

Clubs can aid in this effort by making signs to place in Motel lobbies reminding fanciers to clean up after their dogs. This will let the Motel owners know we do care and are not a bunch of slobs. The clubs could also ask the Motel owner to place more garbage cans around the Motel grounds.

Be the proper type of Motel pick up – clean up after your dog!