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By  Pat Gilbert

This is another true story from my many experiences in the purebred dog show world.

Years ago, when I was a sweet young thing, I was showing a gorgeous Italian Greyhound named Parmesan for a dear friend and client. I was stretching his legs walking him to the ring when I was accosted by an extremely rude and vocal person. She pointed to Parmesan and said “EEWWWW! That is the skinniest and ugliest dog I have ever seen! WHAT IS IT!”

I pulled myself up and looked at her and sniffed shaking my head. “Obviously you do not know this breed. It is a courageous and fearless little breed. He is a Mongolian Under Tiger Tracker. The Mongolian hunters use him to track ferocious tigers. When he finds a tiger, he slips in underneath the tiger stalking along with the tiger. He waits for the signal from the hunter. When he gets the signal, he bites the tiger on the belly. The surprised tiger jumps high up in the air giving the hunters a clear shot at the tiger. It takes a brave dog, especially when he is so little, to do this job. The people who know and love this breed call him the M.U.T.T.”

I went on my way. That day I won BOB from the classes for a 5 point major. My new friend and fan of the little dog applauded wildly.

Of course I went to the Group. Parmesan’s new fan followed. She stood ringside and expounded to everyone on the virtues of this wonderful and brave little breed.

That day I won the Group. Parmesan’s fan exploded with joy and shouted “Oh look! Can you believe it! The judge gave the blue ribbon to a M.U.T.T.!”

Dead silence. You can all imagine the judge’s and ringside’s shock upon hearing those words. I smiled sweetly and took my ribbon. During the photo shoot, I had no explanation and didn’t offer one. All I could think is that I am so naughty and payback will come one day for this.

It came sooner than later. We did not win Best In Show that day. Oh well.

Parmesan lived on to produce Provolone, Mozzarella, Ricotta and many more beautiful, courageous and brave little M.U.T.T.s.

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