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The Dog Legislation Council of Canada (DLCC), formed in 2003, and counting among its members experienced and ethical dog enthusiasts nationwide. The DLCC is Canada's first and unique collaborative effort of rescue volunteers, owners, veterinarians, dog trainers, breeders and handlers to promote responsible dog ownership of all dogs.

The objectives of this Council are two fold:
First is to promote and support responsible dog ownership.  This includes child dog safety programs, bite free programs for adults working in proximity of dogs (police, post office) and working with dog owners one on one.

Second is to encourage and foster the implementation of non-breed specific dangerous dog by-laws. Non-breed specific dangerous dog by-laws designate dogs as 'dangerous' based on behaviour rather than breed. These by-laws allow for efficient animal control without pointlessly punishing responsible dog owners. They address concerns with dog aggression and recognize the role of human negligence behind most incidents.
We believe that this provides greater flexibility for municipalities to address negligent dog owners while not penalizing responsible owners for their personal choice in breed.
Members are expected to offer support and assistance to the DLCC in its activites designed to lower dog bite incidents. Members are also expected to be familiar with, and agree to abide by, the Dog Legislation Council of Canada's Code of Ethics.

Join the Dog Legislation Council of Canada! For additional information and membership form go to:

Or write to:
Cathy Prothro, DLCC National Secretary
351 Pleasant Street
Dartmouth, NS B2Y 3S4