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By Patricia H. Gilbert

Why is it that we (Ed and I) get "complimentary" magazines week after week? In fact we get stacks of them in every breed imaginable. Some like Dog News are weekly. Magazines come with occasional supplements. Those supplements are timed to arrive before the really big shows.

RARELY are breeders mentioned in ads let alone thanked. I am curious as to why in today's instant world people are so arrogant that breeders are no longer responsible and thanked for producing their top winning dog.

Our current show dog is bred by Nancy and Mike Leising of Castlebay Salukis, and represents SIX Generations of their hard work.

Thank you Nancy and Mike. Without your efforts and dedication we would not have this great Saluki. He is easy on the eyes. He has a great sense of humor. He is sound in mind and body. If we gotta look at it, it's gotta be beautiful.

Which leads me to ads with no sire and dam of the dog, no breed, no contact information, no names, and no judge's name.

I really do understand that the object of many of the magazines is to get the news out that a dog is a winner and that we the judges need to know that. How else could we possibly find their wonderful dogs? I mean really. Isn't that what the ads are about these days?

Are the dogs really so terrific that not only do they not have a breeder, they do not have a sire and dam, or a registered name (call names only) and heaven forbid proper contact information for any of the myriad of owners or even the handler? It seems Pete and Zete are all that is necessary for us to understand this is a winner. Often I don't know which name applies to the handler or to the dog. Some of the dogs are so "special" that the breed is not identified. Even though I passed Breed Identification 101, some of the ads and dogs are so "artsy" or so I don't know what, that I cannot figure out what the breed actually is.

Use a photo that stands the test of time. Make sure the photo is flattering to your dog and was not submitted by your competition.

If you use a movement shot, please and I am begging you on my knees, make sure your dog is moving correctly for its breed. A Basset Hound or Cardigan Welsh Corgi in a flying trot, with its head back over its shoulders and all four feet off the ground is not correct movement. Yes, I have the photos to prove it can be done. People paid thousands of dollars to advertise those dogs flying to their wins.

Another piece of information that is more often than not missing these days is who. Who is the judge? Is the owner embarrassed by who put their dog up? Is the judge only necessary to dispense and hold the ribbon? Is the judge that famous that they need no identification?  Many times I look at an ad and wonder who put that really nice dog up. Maybe we should get them for our show. How ever do I figure it out?

I find it interesting that it takes decades of hard work to become a breed judge, group judge and a BIS show judge, yet many feel our efforts are not worth acknowledging.

If we give a dog an award, we are not embarrassed to be seen with it. We expect to at least be named properly. Also some judges such as Ed and I really treasure photos. It is nice to ask a judge if they would like a copy if the photo turns out. Some will say no thank you and you won't spend the extra money. If you win a Best in Show or Best in Specialty, send a photo if the judge wants it.

My husband's name is not Edmund or Eddie. Thanks to Eddie G. for the National Specialty win does not work. His name is Edward M. Gilbert, Jr. You could call him E.M. Gilbert, Jr. or Ed Gilbert, Jr. I am not Pattie, Patty or Patsy under penalty of death. My name is Patricia H. Gilbert or Pat Gilbert. I know many judges feel as I do. It is one of those things judges discuss. A clue is to look at your judging schedule for the correct spelling and wording of a judge's name.

For the record and you always see these in our ads - Our dog/s have a registered name and date of birth. They have a breeder that is always thanked. They also have a call name. They have a sire and dam.  Then all in the photo are identified as much as humanly possible. The handler is given a thanks. As is the judge/s. We need to thank the Breed judge, the Group judge and the Best in Show judge. You can't get to the top without each step.

Finally, you will see some contact information. Why? Our ad's intent is pride in accomplishment. We really would like you to consider breeding to our dog or perhaps contacting the breeder for one like him.

After all the whole ad started because my breeders were dedicated and smart enough to properly put two dogs together to create our wonder dog.