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By Pat Gilbert

It was Ed Gilbert, who stated that “he who controls the language wins the debate.”  Truer words were never spoken!

I know and understand that we in the fancy come from all backgrounds, countries, and experiences. It is quite possible we speak different languages. Knowing this, I cannot expect everyone to think and write as I do. I can hope to express my opinions and have some people at least think, learn and be challenged.

By the way, I care not one wit if anyone thinks me less credible because I love puppy breath. I also love the smell of horse sweat. I am a horse woman and a dog woman to the core. I can hold my own in almost any venue.

Sadly, our world has changed. The Animal Rights (AR) people control the language and we are being sucked into their master plan.  Their language is standardized, catchy and consistent. We dog people use their language! We do ourselves and each other in every time. We can't agree on anything.

Examples of AR word control are Back Yard Breeder (BYB) said with scorn and derision; PUPPY MILL, said with disgust, venom and liberally used about anyone who has the temerity to breed more than one litter a year. Or is it one more litter than they do? Once every 5-10 years? How is that a breeding program? I digress.

We pass judgment on someone who has more dogs than we think they should. Forget that the animals are taken care of properly.

What is taken care of properly? A suite at the Ritz Carlton?  A kennel run with dry bedding, clean water, and food? Tied out on a chain gang line with the rest of the working team? In a pack of 30+ dogs? In your bed? Kibble? Gourmet cooking? Feeding raw? One meal? Two meals? Free feeding? Free water? Restricted or rationed water?

What is the limit? More than 1? More than 10? 100? You see. Once you start naming numbers and limiting animals, you can easily change the numbers. You can drop the 1 and make it a 0. We use the AR language and thinking and they are winning.

Particularly in the United States, we are losing farm lands for crops and grazing. Town and cities are grabbing every empty piece of earth for development. This pushes those people involved in animal husbandry and farming out of homesteads that have been in families for generations.

Well we still have to feed people. Animals eat grains and corn. People eat animals. Some people only eat as vegans (strict vegetarians). Where do we get the food to feed the food chain whether it be meat or vegetables?

We drive up the price of grain and in particular corn to make ethanol to run cars and engines. Corn grown for ethanol is subsidized. That drives the price up for corn for human and animal consumption. It is the law of supply and demand. The increased acreage for corn is diverting water and causing water shortages in many parts of the country. How dumb is that?

The new world is urbanized. Is it true that vegetables grow in the super market? Do brown cows produce completely pasteurized and chilled chocolate milk? Think about rolling a cow, if you knew what a cow looked like, down the hill to get a milk shake.

The new urbanized world does not and does not want to understand poultry, cattle, horse, dog, or agricultural people and fishermen or hunters. We think there is room for farms or dog kennels? There is room but we have to fight for it and keep it from urbanization. Good luck with that!

Many people no longer understand or study animal husbandry. An example is "out of my stud". That is a physical impossibility! It is "by your stud and out of your bitch".

Because animal husbandry is not studied let alone understood, some are not breeding dogs in a logical manner. They don't understand basic original purpose and get irate when they are called out on it. They don't understand line breeding, inbreeding or out crossing. Heck they don't understand genetics or anatomy and movement. If I had a dollar for every time I heard "I don't know anything about that, but I know what I like", I would have cash for life and retire immediately.

Hearing or reading cutesy personification words such as furkids or  furbabies does make me grind my teeth. However, it is a right to use any language they choose as long as it is not AR terms!

If a person chooses to humanize animals and use words to indicate that is their thinking, then it would hopefully follow that they cannot expect to be taken seriously in the animal husbandry world. What if that world is almost if not gone?

How can we take back the language and win the fight? We must stick together regardless of breed or creed. We must be professional and correct about how we refer to our animals. We cannot refer to our animals in human terms and grant them human status. We must study and apply informed knowledge into everything we do.

We are Dog Breeders. We sell Puppies, Adults, and offer Stud Service. Sometimes we even, heaven forbid MAKE MONEY. We have a Kennel and a Kennel Name. We have Bloodlines. We are Dog Fanciers. We are Dog Exhibitors. We are Dog Trainers. We are Dog Owners. We are PROUD to be all of that and more.

There are so many ways we can properly express our relationship with our animals. My dogs were bred for a purpose. That purpose goes back centuries. Service dog, working dog, herding dog, hunting dog, companion dog, and more are words we can easily use and be correct. If you think me harsh and uncaring, I am far from that. You see, I am passionate about ALL dogs. My Pet Dog has wonderful connotations for me.

It is not wrong to love and say we love our dogs. Dog is man's best friend. After all is said and done our dog gives us unconditional love.