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Pat’s Response to Negative Comments on Various E-mail Lists:

It is so sad that so many people are missing a great aspect of showing dogs. Hanging out, learning and having a good time are things that are being missed.

I cannot believe someone wrote they don't enter shows any more unless they are guaranteed a win because it costs too much money! Excuse me! Do those of us who still care about the spirit and intention of dog shows a favor and keep that attitude at home.

No one enters a dog show to lose. I enter with dogs that I believe are competitive. I believe my dogs are winners and can and more than likely should win. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. There is always another show.

I also want to add good sportsmanship. Whatever happened to being at least polite to fellow exhibitors? Whatever happened to congratulating the winners?


1. Quit whining and get out the blender to make lemonade out of lemons or make margaritas.

2. Do what the Saluki people did and create a Show Planners list. That list indicates upcoming shows, the judges and then a sign up sheet for dogs/bitches, etc. The person's name and the dog's name are listed so you know what your competition is in advance. That precludes anyone who reads it and decides to go without telling anyone.

3. If you plan on pulling your entry, you tell the list.

4. Plan with the people you know are coming to bring something. You have to eat lunch somewhere and we all know dog show food is pretty awful. One person brings breads, another cheese, or meats, salads, or wine, etc. Ed and I always take some ice tea, wines, cheeses and crackers for an impromptu get together.

5. Plan a time and location after judging to get together. We usually have people go to someone's set up with their chairs.  Invite all the exhibitors to join you. Invite them even though they were not part of the original plan.

6. Stay and support your breed at the Group level. It makes for a good crowd.

This brings back the camaraderie and introduces the new people to the older people. You can have a good time and exchange ideas. If it becomes a good time win, lose or draw, then you might want to get out and attend more shows.