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Gilberts Win DWAA Ottawa Kennel Club/Bob Cole Special Award

We are so very proud to have won the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA), 2007 Ottawa Kennel Club/Bob Cole Award for Educational Writing at a ceremony in New York City, on Sunday 10 February 2008, Westminster week.

The Ottawa Kennel Club and Bob's widow Louise made this award possible for all writers of purebred dog educational material. It is not an exclusive award for Canadian authors.

We won the award for an article in a series of articles written and published in Canine Review titled K-9 Structure & Locomotion. The series of articles are on understanding breed specific anatomy and movement. Canine Review won two 2007 awards and was the only Canadian publication or magazine to have won DWAA awards.

It was very bittersweet for us. Bob, Curt Brown and Ed carried on studies and conversations for many years in the quest for more purebred dog knowledge. Bob was a special friend to Pat and always promoted discussion and thought. Pat and Bob spent many hours together. His passing left a void in both our lives.

We are so pleased and proud to carry on in Bob's true spirit of education and unending quest for knowledge.

Thank you Bob for all you did, and that your books are continuing to do, to further knowledge about purebred dogs. Where others cursed the dark you lit a torch. Thanks for your inspiration.

Ed & Pat Gilbert
Gilbert's K-9 Seminars
DWAA Awards Ceremony NYC Feb., 2008
Amanda Our Editor, Ed, Pat & Mordecai, Pres. of DWAA
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