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Major and Beatrice Godsol were AKC all-rounders and also Obedience judges. They were the first (1958 - Bea, 1968 - Major) of three husband wife teams that each judged BIS at Westminster. The other two husband wife teams were Mrs. Dorothy Collier (1997) and Chet Collier (2000 and Ed Bivin (1999) and Mrs. Irene Bivin (2003). The Godsol’s owned Coastwise Kennels which produced many lovely Newfoundlands. This writer believes they are the only people to own dogs who went Best of Breed at the National Specialties of five different breeds - Newfoundland, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Shetland Sheepdog and Dandie Dinmont. All breeders should remember the Coastwise Kennel Code, it is as relevant today and when written sometime in the 1930’s.

Coastwise Kennel Code
To pay special attention to bitches
To study grandparents rather than parents
To keep careful breeding records
Not to rush to every new stud with a name
To try and read a pedigree by breeding facts, not names
To put away all culls and weaklings at birth
Never to sell or give away an excessively shy or nervous dog
Never to sell any dogs the kennel cannot be proud of
To make good on any dog sold that may not turn out satisfactorily
To breed dogs for intelligence and disposition as well as physical perfection.