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From Libbye Miller, a veterinarian in KY.

1. All bait will be weighed and measured by the ring stewards before the class begins. Bait must be cut into chunks of not more than 6 X 6 X 6 inches nor less than 0.5 X 0.5 X 0.5 cm. Bait will be weighed on an electronic scale and may not weigh more than a 6-9 month Chihuahua puppy. Metric and English system rulers, gram scale, and puppy must be provided by the show giving club.
2. Bait shall not be overly odiferous, though it may be slightly enhanced with Feller's Scent O'Meat. The texture should be solid, exfoliating neither slime nor flake. The guideline should be: "Would a non dog person throw up if they caught a whiff of this bait".
3. In an effort to promote form to function, bait should be appropriate to the breed whenever possible. Sheep herding breeds should have a lamb based bait. Cattle dogs should go with a beef product. Breeds which historically worked multiple forms of livestock may choose from their smorgasbord of livestock. Sporting dogs may bait to either wing or meat of their appointed prey. Frozen, reused birds not allowed. Working dogs which have their primary historic function as guardian dogs are not required to use human flesh and may substitute a protein of choice. Terriers may use vermin pelt only, no live rats are to be pressed into cubes of the proper dimensions.
Hounds must use their historic prey unless said prey is extinct or endangered. The Non-sporting group will just have to muddle through on an individual basis as usual. Toy dogs to bait to a fine goose liver pate or bon bon of choice.
4. Bait should have a proper cuboid shape so that it may be easily removed from the ring. Sticky, stringy, or cheesy texture is disqualifying. Show giving club to provide one Baitboni unit for each two rings plus extra dedicated units for any ring used by Dobes, Rotties or other known free flinging breeds.
5. Bait not to be offered during the oral exam under penalty of death.
6. Handlers flinging bait which strikes a judge or spectator to be excused. Three excusals for flagrant flinging to result in permanent disqualification.