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By Pat Gilbert

Recently I judged a dog show and finally had that infamous 45 degree debate answered to my satisfaction.

It was one of those shows where the exhibitors were particularly chatty as they showed their dogs to me. Perhaps that area of the country feels compelled to talk through the exhibition of their dogs.

I had one exhibitor talk to his Basset Hound. He told him to “stand good on the ramp and show off the best damn keel in this ring”. Then he congratulated me when I went over the keel and flanged ribs.

Each breed and sometimes class brought new words of merits of the dog being shown, my hairdresser, my jewelry, smile and outfit and how much Baby Cakes likes to show or not show.

I smiled the Mona Lisa smile, ignored the words and carried on into the day.

Finally one exhibitor put his Dachshund up on the table and said “45 degrees?” I ignored it and looked at his dog. He persisted and said again “45 degrees?”

I was concentrating on my evaluation of his dog. I thought it is possible to get a 45 degree shoulder in the Dachshund so maybe this dog had 45 degree shoulders.

Then I heard again in a louder voice “45 degrees?”

I was forced to respond at that point and said “Perhaps sir, but I don’t have instruments to definitively measure.”

His response was, are you ready? Are you really ready?

“It better be warmer than 45 degrees because if it ain’t he sucks up his balls when he gets cold and you won’t ever be able to find ‘em. No way.  No how you’re gonna find ‘em. I was at an outdoor show first thing in the morning. He hid his balls from the judge until it got to 47 degrees and there they were again. The judge was not interested in checking out his equipment even after they could be seen. Make sure you find them because he’s got a really nice set.”!!!!

Finally the infamous and decades old 45 degrees argument has been answered to my satisfaction.