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By Pat Gilbert

Ah the glamorous life of a dog show judge gets even more so when you turn on the television cameras.

I was judging in the main building of a high profile show. Television camera crews were interviewing people and their dogs. One of the crews was standing at my down and back view and filming my ring.

One exhibitor picked her dog up on the down, held up its paw and waved. “Look Mom! I’m on TV!” She completely forgot to come back to me, the officiating judge. I actually had to go to her and remind her to show her dog.

I am very careful with my ring management. If I wasn’t, it could have gotten ugly with people trying to push others out of camera view.

The exhibitors were jockeying for the primo spots for their dogs to be seen by the cameras, not by me. I could not believe my eyes as dog after dog was being shown to the camera.

One exhibit cutely sat up, rolled over, and barked like a dog. I cannot tell you how it moved because the ringside (instructed to be enthusiastic) was applauding wildly as the dog and handler made their way around the ring taking bows.

Needless to say, they did not win that day.

I had one very upset exhibitor come to me. “I told all my friends to look for me on TV in the Group. You were supposed to put my dog up. You didn’t. What am I supposed to do?”

“Maybe sit in the audience and hope you get caught on film?” I replied.

My ring stewards reminded me to look pleasant as I was being filmed. I think at that point I almost had lipstick in my ears with my frozen faced smile.

I am still shaking my head with wonder at what people will do to get on TV.

All I can say is “Look Mom! I’m on TV!”