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Note: Parenthetical acronyms are for AKC Parent Club making the award. If your Parent Club Award(s) are not listed, please send them to: GilbertK9@aol.com

Airedale Bowl (ATCA)

CC - Conformation Certificate (LRC Inc.)

EIV - Excellence in Versatility - certificate (AHCA)

FDHA - Field Dog Hall of Fame (GRCA)

GC - Gold Club (American Pomeranian Club)

HOF - Hall of Fame (American Pomeranian Club)

Hunting Certificate (HCA - Harrier Club of America)

OBDHF - Obedience Dog Hall of Fame (GRCA)

OD - Outstanding Dam (GRCA)

Ongoing Versatility certificate (CWCCA)

Ongoing Versatility Excellence certificate

OS - Outstanding Sire (GRCA) 

PVSPCh. - certificate and medallion  (CSPCA)

QW - Qualified Worker  (ACDCA)

ROM - Registry of Merit  (ACDCA) (AWC) (CWCCA) (DPCA) (ISCA) (GSDCA)

ROMX - Registry of Merit Excellent (AWC)

SDHF - Show Dog Hall of Fame (GRCA)

V - Versatility (BCSA)

VA - Annual Versatility Award (BCOA)

VA - Versatility Award - medallion (APC)

VA - Versatility Award   (ASC Inc.)

VA - Versatility Award (BMDCA)

VA -  Annual Versatility Award  - certificate

VP - Versatile Puli

VPA - Versatile Puli Advanced

VPX - Versatile Puli Excellent

VQW - Versatile Qualified Worker (ACDCA)

VQWX - Versatile Qualified Worker Excellent (ACDCA)

VSPCh. - Versatile Shar Pei Champion - certificate & medallion (CSPCA)

VX - Versatility Excellent (BCSA)

VX - Annual Versatility Excellent dog - certificate (CCA)

WC - Working Certificate (CCRCA)

WCQ - Working Certificate Qualified (CCRCA)

WCX - Working Certificate Excellent (CCRCA)

Working Pack Dog (AMCA)


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