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By Pat Gilbert

This was a follow up e-mail to a movement and conditioning question we had at one of our seminars.

The question was “What can you do to improve really sloppy front end movement on a Sighthound?”

I told them I believe strongly in exercise and in free running. Even though they do have a large fenced in area her dog needed more. Road work is great too but you have to understand what you are doing and why. The amount, type and surface of the exercise make a huge difference. Sometimes you can do more harm than good.

Sand is the absolute best footing to tighten up muscles and strengthen feet. You can also road work on the sand if that is your inclination.

This lady is so fortunate to live in a very beautiful place with wonderful dog friendly beaches.

A few months after our conversation, I received the following e-mail. It is always nice to get positive feed back.

“Dear Pat:
We took your advice about working our Sophie daughter in sand to tighten up her front. I
can't believe my eyes - it's a major improvement - it's just not the same dog. Over the last 3 weeks, my sister has been going down to the beach on the average of 2 or three times a week. She took another of our dogs on 3 visits and he was standing up between the seats after his first visit, he was so jazzed.

It's not only good for the dogs; it's good for people too. We might even try the Dachshund and Afghan. (Now that will take some major planning.)
Thanks for the great tips. I especially like the one about stacking and stand stay on the table. Sighthounds of every stripe are prone to the "lean" on the ground. It's amazing how far they can lean without moving their feet.”

I live for a challenge and love your questions.

Don’t forget, if you have questions about training, conditioning and grooming I can be reached at my private mailbox.

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