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A three hour PowerPoint presentation on “The Heritage of the Afghan Hound” was presented to a sold out audience at the Afghan Hound Club of America, Inc. National on Tuesday, 5 October, 2004 which was held at the Holiday Inn in St. Cloud Minnesota. To obtain a copy of the CD The Heritage of the Afghan Hound refer to Ed's Books page.
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The AKC 10 Commandments for Dog Show Judges - Year 2010
(Carved in stone, on two tablets and handed down from the Mount - 260 Madison Avenue, NY, NY)
By E. M. Gilbert Jr.

I. Thou shalt not permit bait or baiting of exhibits in the show ring.
II. Thou shalt not permit any keys, coins, clickers or toys in the show ring.
III. Thou shalt not permit any one to talk, whistle, or make any verbal or guttural sound, or make hand gestures while in the ring. Only the judge may speak while in the ring. All others shall listen reverently.
IV. Thou shalt dismiss any handler for insubordination for not following the explicit judges instructions, when given verbally or by body or arm motion.
V. Thou shalt smile and nod knowingly while in the show ring in order to keep the exhibitors guessing.
VI. Thou shalt summarily dismiss from the ring any handler not wearing appropriate conservative and modest attire, regardless of weather conditions.
VII. Thou shalt not permit any show lead over 3 feet in length, or one with knots, or any other color other than black in the show ring.
VIII. Thou shalt not permit any footwear other than cross trainer shoes on exhibitors.
IX. Thou shalt excuse from the ring any exhibitor that exceeds the breed specific speed limit. Any exhibitor that exceeds Mach 1 shall be debarred from exhibiting for life. Superintendents will be responsible for providing each judge with an AKC approved hand held radar speed gun. The Superintendent shall calibrate each speed gun from 1 mile per hour to Mach 1.  All exhibitors will wear an AKC approved radar reflective belt when in the show ring.
X. Thou shalt only move an exhibit a maximum of twice around the ring, and down and back once. When the temperature is 85 degrees F or higher, the exhibit shall only be moved around the ring once, and down and back halfway. When the temperature is 95 degrees F or higher, no movement is permitted. Movement shall than be in the eyes of the judge only.