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A person asked: A person “wanted to know why all faults weren’t gone, after all we had bred long enough, there should be no faults. I'm saying that is impossible.”

Pat's Response: Agreed.

Why do I agree?

#1 Reason is breeding is subjective and people are what they are in that they have different levels of expertise. This affects selection.

Thinking to breed away from all faults does not necessarily give you quality.

We do not know quality. You must recognize quality. Select quality and breed from quality.

Quality will have faults as all living creatures do. “Every dog has faults - but the great ones wear them well.” Bea Godsoll said that years ago.

A great specimen phenotypically may not be bred properly to genetically create great.

However, “if you breed ugly, you get ugly.” Dr. George Padgett said that. Many people breed ugly for many reasons. Usually it is for the pedigree.

We do not know what all the faults are.

While we have mapped the canine genome, we do not completely understand all modes of inheritance for all traits.

We do not all do health checks BEFORE breeding. Those of us that do, still do not know what else to check for in the way of problems.

We have removed survival of the fittest where only the strong reproduced. Those that are not agile or dumb don't fall off the mountains in our society.

People are people and some breed for aesthetics only such as color or refinement.

People have not studied the dogs, science, conformation, movement, pedigrees, temperament, basic original purpose, and therefore breed what is in their backyards. They do not use the current tools available to them. It is too much work.

There are breeders, and there are dedicated BREEDERS.

Then they select the best from possible mediocrity. Rather than say it was a mistake, they continue from that instead of backing up and trying something else. You do not need to have one from each litter reproduce. What good is it to excel in mediocrity?    Good enough is not good enough.

We need to understand quality in a heartbeat. That comes naturally to some and is an acquired attribute to other through a lot of work and study. It is called an eye for a dog.