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By E. M. Gilbert Jr.

The AKC Judges sheet has this statement: “I certify that in my opinion the WINNER ____ and RESERVE ____ are deserving of Championship Points on this day.” When an entire class entry is not of Championship quality on the day, the judge is obligated to withhold winners. Winners and Reserve are not to be awarded to the best specimen on the day – it is for the best Championship qualty dog on the day.

A judge is not encourging exhibitors by being dishonest. It is dishonest to give points to a dog that is not of Championship quality on the day. When a judge chooses the so-called easy way out and awards points - one day the exhibitor will find out they have been mislead - the trauma will cause them to leave the dog world. Honesty does count - as difficult as it may seem at the time.

The judge needs to clearly and diplomatically explain their decision to the exhibtor(s) involved. In a situation like this the breeders and exhibitors also have an obligation to help mentor these exhibitors, especially when they leave the ring.

Judging is not for the purpose of being the most popular person at the dog show - it is to award breeding stock based on their quality.

Have you ever stood in the center of the ring and asked yourself - who gave these dogs points? That is the purpose of the judge certifying that on this day the dog is of championship quality.

Would you breed to these animals? Why not?

Judges should not be ribbon dispensers. A judge has a responsibility to the breed, AKC, the exhibitors and the Parent Club and the dogs being evaluated. Reasonable quality dogs are not Championship quality dogs - they are fillers.

Remember to keep smiling and help the newcomer in a true and positive manor.
withheld more placings, rightly so, than any other judge. His judging integrity to upholding the breed Standard and withholding when it was necessary is sadly lacking in the show ring world wide.