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BOOK REVIEW – BEST IN SHOW, THE WORLD OF SHOW DOGS AND DOG SHOWS, Kennel Club Books, A Division of BowTie Inc., 2008, By Bo Bengston
By E. M. Gilbert Jr.

This book is a modern day Classic. Bo is a knowledgeable and passionate person about the sport of purebred dogs. This writer considers Bo the best of the present day dog writers in the area of the world of show dogs. He knows both the National and the International world of dog shows and show dogs. As a Whippet breeder (Bohem Kennels) Bo has stamped his style on his dogs. His experience as an active breeder of Whippets, exhibitor and judge adds to both his passion and knowledge about the sport which he brings to this book. Listing the table of contents provides an overview of this upcoming historic work: History: How Dog Shows Began; The Breed Standards; The Shows; Specialty Shows; The Judges; The Handlers; The Breeders; The Best of Britain; The Tops in America; On Top Around the World; How to be Number One; Breeds that Win and Breeds that Don’t; Dog Shows and the Media; and Appendices. After reading the entire 656 pages, it left me with two separate and distinct feelings. First, what a great Book that every fancier should not only own, but read. Second, Bo has stepped into a largely ignored part of our sport – the recording of our history. It is hoped that Bo will expand many of the Chapters into more detailed Books – the history needs to be covered in more depth. In just a short period of time this book will be a classic, such as E. C. Ash’s two Volume book, Dogs: Their History and Development. The depth of knowledge in this tome on our sport is tremendous – buy it, but more importantly READ it!

Notice from the Publisher: The advance press run of “Best in Show – The World of Show Dogs and Dog Shows,” published by Kennel Club Books, a division of BowTie, Inc., sold out in less than two days at Long Beach, but it’s possible to pre-order. The book will be available in January and the first printing is already expected to sell out as well, so anyone interested should order now. There will be further book signings in New York before Westminster and possibly other locations as well. It’s easy to order by phone with a credit card by calling: 800-738-2665