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By Nancy Smith
The November 2004 AKC Gazette contained an excellent review of “K-9 Structure & Terminology” in the Cairn Terriers column titled “Structure and Movement 101“. This was written by Nancy Smith. Please read the review, it will compel you to buy the book. The column ended with “Now all I need is X-ray vision.” That in a sense can be obtained by attending “K-9 Structure & Movement Seminar = Enhance Your Win Capability.”
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K-9 Structure & Terminology, Gilbert Jr., E. M., and Brown, Thelma, Second Edition, Aloha, OR: Dogfolk Enterprises, 2001

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Costa, Linda
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Order book and/or contact Dr. Orlandi at

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“The world exists through the understanding of dogs.” ---Friedrich Nietzsche 

By E. M. Gilbert Jr.
You will be amazed at what you will learn about breed type when you read “Beauchamp, Richard, Solving the Mysteries of Breed Type, Phoenix, AZ: Doral Publishing, 2002”.
With Rick it all started with his reading Albert Payson Terhune’s Lad A Dog - the story of a Collie. That started Rick on his way into the dog fancy - and we all are better off because of his fascination of purebred dogs and the term type. The book is an easy read on a technical subject - so clearly and well written. But after you read it through, you will want to go back and really study it. In addition you will want to go back and refresh your self from time to time. Rick covers his five elements of breed type: Breed character; Head; Silhouette; Movement; Coat. His five cardinal sins of movement is priceless - This one Chapter, Movement, should be required reading for anyone involved in the conformation world, whether they be breeder, exhibitor, handler or judge. Buy at least two copies, one for yourself and one for your mentor. All can benefit from studying this book. I consider this one of the most important books written on purebred dogs. Don’t just buy it - apply it to your breeding, exhibiting and judging. The world of purebred dogs will be much better off as a result.

By E. M. Gilbert Jr.
An Eye For a Dog, Illustrated Guide To Judging Purebred Dogs, Written and Illustrated by Robert W. Cole, Dogwise Publishing.
This book is based on Bob’s more than 20 years of writing and publishing articles for the dog fancy. He integrated his skills as a dog illustrator with his talent for taking a technical subject of  evaluating and judging dogs into written form that could be understood by the broad spectrum that comprises the dog fancy. Bob’s work was, and is controversial. He was always learning. He welcomed honest disagreement  - as long as the person could provide reasons for their opinion. This theme carries through in this book. As Bob states in his foreword, “As the author, I will contribute an opinion as to the order of merit of each class, but in the end the final decision is that of the reader. Go ahead! Disagree with me, challenge me, and above all enjoy yourself!” The attitude of a lifelong student and teacher of purebred dogs, that I was privileged to know as a friend. Our discussions were always two way learning experiences. Everyone involved in purebred dogs should buy this book. You can start reading anywhere or start from the beginning and read to the end - you will be challenged and you will learn - whether you want to be or not. The book consists of 29 Chapters divided into four parts Sections. Part I, Type, Balance and Proportions; Part II, Features; Part III, Movement; and Part IV, Faults and Illusions.
The book is available from Make sure you add it to your Dog Library - but more importantly READ IT.

By E. M. Gilbert Jr.
Another Piece of the Puzzle: Puppy Development, Hastings, Pat, and Rouse, Erin Ann, Editors, Aloha, OR: Dogfolk Enterprises, 2004
Everyone who breeds, is planning to breed, or intends to purchase a puppy, or has a puppy should be required to purchase and READ, STUDY and DIGEST the contents of this book. This should be accomplished in order to have the puppy or puppies develop to their full physical and mental potential. No matter how experienced or inexperienced you are with puppies this book will provide you with helpful information on the proper care and nurturing of puppies. This book is a must have for any dog library - but more than that it is a must read for anyone associated with a puppy or puppies. Buy it, read it and you and your puppy will benefit from it. The dog provides us unconditional love, we in return should provide it the best development that is possible. “Puppy Development” provides the tips and tricks to prepare the puppy for the real world.  It is up to the reader to apply this piece of the puzzle to the life of their puppy or puppies. Read, learn, apply and enjoy the unconditional love.

By E. M. Gilbert Jr.
Read the Irish Water Spaniel column, “A Drunken Sailor,“ by Dan Sayers, in the January 2005 AKC Gazette. It precisely outlines how breed type is being lost in the IWS breed. The basic original purpose of the breed in the USA is lost - we don't have peat bogs like they do in Ireland. This multiplied by the fact the Standard does not describe the "Drunken Sailor" gait of the IWS, instead it provides a description of generic gait. The head study of the IWS by the column is outstanding.
The second worthwhile article is "Breed Changes - Inconsequential or Significant?" by Dr. Gareth Morgan-Jones in The Canine Chronicle, The Annual, 2004-05, on page 60 and 62. This is an excellent article on the problems associated with breeding and maintaining breed type.
As an example he discusses the past and current change in the Pembroke Welsh Corgi (AKC Standard: 40% longer than tall).
Gareth summarizes the article with: "There is, after all, a certain dimension to breeding dogs for conformation ring competition beyond the form and function bit. It involves aesthetics and passion. It concerns the nature and appreciation of beauty. The creation of such is central to indulgence. Our approach has something to do with what pleases the senses. If we do not admit and accept this we are not being honest with ourselves and, moreover, we are not being above-board and realistic. Breeds continue to be morphologically recognizable despite the changes which are evident and that has not and will not change. The genotypes have great resilience, which is one of the wonders of purebred dogs. So in your considered opinion, are the breed changes that have and continue to occur insignificant or consequential?"

By E. M. Gilbert Jr.
Dogsteps Video, By Rachel Page Elliot, Dogwise Publishing, 65 Minutes
This video is a companion to the book, Dogsteps: A New Look, also by Rachel Page Elliot. Anyone that is interested in purebred dogs, breeds, exhibits, handles, or judges should read, study and own both the video and the book.  The book covers movement and is well illustrated with outstanding illustrations, motion sequences and diagrams by the author. Additional drawings by Eve Ardrade, Marcia Schlehr and Chris Lewis Brown help fill out the easily read text. While the video provides moving x-rays showing the actual movement of the joints and the various bones associated with movement. The video shatters many movement myths, with scientific evidence. Pagey’s research was conducted at Harvard University’s Museum of Comparative Zoology, in a specially equipped laboratory which made possible the simultaneous photographing and fluoroscoping of dogs as they move at controlled speeds on a treadmill. The process is called cineradiography. This provides an inside the dog view of movement. The book and the video are companion works and should be referred to on a regular basis. Each reading and viewing will expand your knowledge of proper canine movement. Both the book and the video are available from


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