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Book Review, By E. M. Gilbert Jr.

This is a rare beautiful love story of a life devoted to love of animals, people, husband, family and puzzles. Pagey as she is called by her many friends all over the world is one who defied and still defies convention. Her parents let her be free – and free she was – a tomboy with her horses. Born in the early 1900’s Pagey accomplished things unheard of for a young girl and a young woman – in what was then considered a mans world. God loves her and provided her protection in her many adventures. Her inquisitive mind and desire to learn and then to teach others drove her to become one of the top authorities in the world on canine structure and movement. Her desire to base her research on scientific principles to shatter the conventional dogma made Pagey controversial in the dog world. Some elements of the dog world still resist Pagey’s work in cineradiography, or moving X-rays, of bones and muscle movement inside the dog as dogs moved at varying speeds on a treadmill. They fall back on old wives tales based on the mistaken notion that horses and dogs move the same. Pagey teaches and writes about breed specific structure and movement. Based on her strong principles, instilled by her parents and her church, she drove forward challenging the generic dog concept. Pagey blazed trails of knowledge and love for animals in a world that in her early life was dominated by men. After her marriage, her husband encouraged her to continue her passion for animal in general and Golden Retrievers in particular. Even today in her high 90’s Pagey continues to contribute to the knowledge of canine structure and movement. Her accomplishment in horses and dogs is matched in the world of puzzles. Read the book for that amazing puzzle part of her life. Her love shines through from every page – you will be a better person for reading and sharing her love of life, family, friends, people, horses, dogs and puzzles. As her family wrote: “She was also our role model since we never knew she was doing anything out of the ordinary…. She was just ‘Mother’ who loved Dad and gave us all a very remarkable childhood.” From Hoofbeats to Dogsteps, buy it, read it and have your life enriched by the true story of a life being lived motivated by true love. A life that radiates the unconditional love that the dog gives to us. Published by Dogwise Publishing –

“With scientific advancement and technology, new information became available to me and sharing this updated knowledge with canine friends was paramount….I did not have all the answers but the process of discovery has made me wiser…. At 95, I am still studying.” Rachel Page Elliott, May 17, 2008