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By Pat Gilbert

I love judging Juniors and in particular judging them in Canada. In Canada the judge is expected to ask questions of each exhibitor to see if they know their breed and anatomy. I want to share some of my most memorable answers.

"What colour are Boxers?" "They come in fawn and brindle. They also come in white but my Mommy says we aren't supposed to talk about it." Mommy outside the ring was dying in her chair.

"What does your English Setter do?" "Well Dad says he's pretty useless because he chases birds."

"What does your Am Staff do?" "He mostly sleeps on my bed and farts."

"What does your Fox Terrier do?" "He barks a lot and gives Mum a headache. He also gets stuck in holes and we have to pull him out by his tail."

I have got to stop asking the colour question of the Junior Boxer handlers. "What colours are Boxers?"  “They are brindle like this one. They are fawn. They are plain and then they are white but we DQ them so we don't worry about it."

You have to know the future of purebred dogs is in good hands with answers such as these.