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By E. M. Gilbert Jr.

Recently at a Specialty Show a foreign Judge took two actions that were totally unacceptable actions. One of the actions possibly caused a Junior to decide this is not a sport in which they would want to be associated with.

The judge asked each exhibitor: “What country was your dog born in?” Later the judge stated they wanted that information so that they would be assured that the winners looked like those from the judge’s country. The poor exhibitors entered expecting to be judged in accordance with the AKC Standard – unfortunately the judge had a different agenda. When the judge accepted the assignment they agreed to judge in accordance with AKC rules, procedures and breed Standard.

The same judge went onto award a Reserve to a dog handled by a very young Junior. Upon awarding the Reserve ribbon to the Junior the Judge stated: “Your dog was the best exhibit, but I never give a high award to a Junior, you were lucky to receive a Reserve award.” The Junior was visibly quite happy with the Reserve, but was visibly shaken by the uncalled for judge’s comment.

Wonder no more why Juniors do not stay with the sport.

At other recent Specialties both AKC and foreign judges upheld the AKC rules, procedures and breed Standards. But it just takes one bad apple to spoil the reputation of all judges. Unfortunately AKC Reps do not attend Specialties – or this situation would have been corrected in the early stages of judging.