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By Tressa Reiner

I love showing dogs - especially in Junior Showmanship.  Junior Showmanship is a wonderful opportunity for young handlers.  I have learned so much through Juniors and I am still learning at every show.  I realize that there is at least one thing I can improve on every time I show a dog.  I started showing dogs when I was 9 yrs old.  I started showing in 4-H in a rural town in central Nebraska with a rescued Jack Russel Terrier.  I soon graduated to showing my mom’s male Akita in AKC Junior Showmanship and learned that AKC Junior Showmanship is a whole different level than our county 4-H.   At my first AKC show, the AKC Representative shadowed me ringside to make sure I could handle the dog.  He outweighed me by quite a few pounds but we showed her that he wasn’t a big bad wolf!  We hit all the shows we could after that, but It didn’t take me long to realize that by picking an Akita to show in Juniors, I was definitely in the minority.  Even though Akitas are challenging, I am glad I have stuck with them.
Through Junior Showmanship I have not only learned how to show and groom Akitas. I have also learned about other breeds as well.  Because of the many friends and great people I have met at dog shows, I have had the opportunity to show a few other breeds as well. A  Daschund was my first table dog, but I fell in love with the Boxers I got to show because they were so much more energetic in the ring than our Akitas. I also got to show a German shepherd. That was a great new experience, way different than what I am used to.  
This year has been great.  My biggest highlight of this year was Akita Nationals.  This was such a fun experience. It was amazing to see all the different Akitas and meet people from all around the country.  I learned a ton at Nationals and can’t wait until Denver next year. I love anything and everything to do with dogs and I am so thankful I was introduced to this sport.  It is truly amazing.