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Hi Ed and Pat!

Kudos to both of you for your support of Junior Showmanship!  The Gallatin Dog Club recognizes the value of our Juniors and have lowered their entry fee to $8 at our show (used to be $5 until AKC added the $3/entry).  On September 17-20, 2009, we will be joining together with the Helena Montana Kennel Club for the MONTANA FALL ROUNDUP CLUSTER; for 4 fabulous days of dog shows, obedience and rally in a brand new facility at the Lewis & Clark Fairgrounds, Helena, MT.  All rings and 50 grooming spots will be indoors in the same facility for the first time!  On all four days we are offering Juniors an $8 entry fee for each day and hope to continue this policy in the future.

Best wishes and thanks for the very informative newsletters!!

Becky Roeder, President Gallatin Dog Club
Bozeman, MT