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The Board of Directors of the Pug Dog Club of America has been asked by the American Kennel Club to provide you with some guidance regarding the examination of the bite on the Pug.

Judges often ask Juniors to show the bite. If a Junior says to you that in our breed we examine the bite by inserting your thumb under the upper lip and running it over where the teeth meet they are repeating exactly how we explain the exam procedure in our Judges Seminar. You can of course ask to see the bite as in other breeds but remember Pugs have no muzzle to protect their eyes and are very sensitive to the bite exam.

Our Juniors have been taught this method and you will find that many of them will speak up. They should NOT be penalized for this. We are trying very hard to prepare them for the conformation ring and encourage them to tell judges how the Pug’s bite is examined. It takes a lot of courage for a Junior to speak out and we feel this demonstrates they know this breed. In fact a judge should be impressed with any Junior that has the self confidence to give you this information.

Please use this information when judging Pugs in Junior Showmanship.

Thank you,

Pug Dog Club of America, Officers and Board of Directors