Gilberts' K-9 Structure & Mvement Seminar
For The Serious Dog Fancier
Read, Question, Learn, and Be Challenged
Enhancing Your Win Capability
Contra Costa Kennel Club
Concord, CA
Mar., 2006

"Very informative. As a junior  I have really learned a lot."

"Thank you for getting the information together in a manner which is easy to absorb."

" Amazing! Loved the breed comparisons."

"It was all excellent. There were things I didn't understand - But it was because I need to study more!".

"I need to take this seminar again; too much to learn and understand..."
I especially appreciated your comments regarding "judges style"

"Great Bull Dog diagram on the roll movement pattern. Good moving Dachshund video! I really enjoyed the hands on with the different breeds @ the end of day 2."

"Every judge should be required to take this seminar prior to judging."

Thank You Contra Costa Gang.
You were a great  group.
Pat & Ed