Gilbert K-9 Special 8 Hours
Structure & Movement Seminar
For The Serious Dog Fancier
Read, Question, Learn, and Be Challenged
Enhancing Your Win Capability
Leader Dogs for the Blind
Symposium for Volunteer Families & Breeders
Rochester, MI
March 23, 2007

Leader Dogs For the Blind
"Enhancing the Lives of the Blind and Visually Impaired."
The motto says it all. We are so honored to have been invited to share knowledge with your group of dedicated people. The diverse backgrounds and depth of knowledge of the attendees were humbling.
It was our pleasure to do this benefit.
Bev's guided tour of the state of the art facility was a bonus.
The care, kindness and respect for people and dogs in their service to man are evident in everything you do. We all share in the unconditional love of dogs for  us.
Thank you from our hearts - Ed & Pat
Comments from Attendees:

"Very nice of you to donate your fees. That is a very big plus for me."

"Speakers were very well informed and entertaining. Thanks you for coming. PS: Facility and food were outstanding."

"Great content and information Thank you for coming and donating your fee to Leader Dogs!"

"I enjoyed all the information. I think I need a longer Seminar."

"Easy to inderstand, clear and concise without getting too deep to understand."

"Best discussion of anatomy for lay people I've heard!"

"I liked your "side note" stories. Appreciate the hand outs."

"Excellent material and photos. Thank you for sharing so much knowledge today!"

"Very informational, enjoyed it very much."

"As a breeder of Dachshunds who is very intent on quality, I found this Seminar very, very educational. 42 years in dogs with the last 20 years in Standard Long Hairs - SLH Dachshunds, I still found this very educational. Just keep up the wonderful work!!"

"Loved all the anecdotes and personal stories you interspersed in your presentation. Very enjoyable - Thanks for coming."

"With no conformation experience I learned a lot. Very informative."

"I liked the real life stories and examples."

"Very informative."

"Complete information and explanations."

"Wish this was a two day Seminar. Very, very good."

"Great interaction between Ed and Pat."

"Liked the technical aspect of locomotion portion."

"Enjoyed learning the finer points of particular breeds."

"Great info in an understandable way. I'd love to participate in your 2 days! Thanks for presenting."


"Wow - you jammed a hugh amount of material in one day - because it is so quick paced it is almost impossible to take notes - Hope I can remember the important points!"

"I love your E-mail Newsletter!"