Gilberts' K-9 Structure & Movement Seminar
For The Serious Dog Fancier
Read, Question, Learn, and Be Challenged
Enhancing Your Win Capability
Greater Twin Cities Fox Terrier Club
Hugo, MN
Feb., 2008
"I would definitely recommend this seminar to others – and I may take it again!"

"- videos are excellent – use more!
- liked that many Groups were shown and breed standards discussed.
- Thanks for coming to MN in the winter.
- Appreciate CANDID ! comments on every trotting style is different – not generic dog."

"Excellent Seminar! I loved that it covered so many breeds and the reasoning behind the breed and its Standard."

"Loved the info and sense of humor. You two are so knowledgeable!"

"More, more, more"

"Would recommend to everyone breeding, showing, or judging dogs – mostly to those judging dogs!"

"I attended the seminar that you presented a few weeks ago in Hugo, MN.  I really enjoyed it and learned a lot.  Ed's book on structure was one of the first I bought when starting to build my "dog book library", and the seminar did a beautiful job of expanding on the book."