Gilberts' K-9 Structure & Movement Seminar
For The Serious Dog Fancier
Read, Question, Learn, and Be Challenged
Enhancing Your Win Capability
Lehigh Valley Kennel Club
Allentown, PA
Mar. 7 & 8, 2009
"Enjoyed the Seminar. Learned a lot."

"Really appreciate being able to ask questions during slide presentation."

"Excellent learning experience and playing National Anthem was wonderful. God Bless America!"

"Nice selection of dogs for evaluation."

"Both the Seminar and book are great tools for learning structure and movement. The Seminar, holds your interest and is entertaining too!"

"The Best Part was the Breed Specific Evaluation! Good opportunity to learn how to feel and assess other breeds."

"I learned to question where some of the numbers in my breed Standard came from. I found myself looking at the Standards of my two breeds and wondering where I learned some things I thought were in the Standard."

"A good Seminar should cause a person to think. You succeeded in that!"

"Excellent knowledge of most all breeds. Between Ed and Pat the information shared was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire presentation. Including all the stories and the European experience. Ed’s education and Pat’s humor makes the learning experience fun and educational."

"Although I’ve owned dogs for 20 years – my real “education” in dogs only began about 5 years ago. I began in obedience under the encouragement of  a mentor. With success, my interest was piqued for other aspects of dog experiences. I worked with some folks who do S&R professionally – and grew in understanding of dogs/scent. I dabbled/am dabbling in field work and gaining understanding of my breed with that respect. My mentor who has bred for 25 years held my hand for my first breeding/whelping last year.

Your Seminar is one more step in my learning process. Naturally, some of your material was over my head due to my lack of knowledge and/or experience. By the end of the first day – I was quite fatigued with the overload of info. I plan to purchase your book in order to review and solidify much of what I’ve heard.
I appreciate your forth-rightness as some of your thoughts and opinions have helped to clarify some things I have observed at ring side that I’ve questioned but wasn’t too sure about – ‘nuff said."

Thank you Keystone State. It was a great pleasure to work with Terry, the hard working coordinator,  you and your terrific dogs. - Ed & Pat
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Boston Terrier
Movement Too - Glen of Imaal
Happy Faced Golden Retreiver
Australian Shepherd
German Pinscher for Hands On and Movement
Siberian Husky
Afghan Hound