Gilbert K-9 Structure & Movement Seminar
For The Serious Dog Fancier
Read, Question, Learn, and Be Challenged
Enhancing Your Win Capability
Warrenton Kennel Club
Warrenton, VA
March, 2007

Thanks  We really enjoyed all of you and the Warrenton KC .
The blue claw crabs were yum yummy too!- Ed & Pat


"Thank you for an excellent presentation.

The Belgian (Sheepdog, Tervuren, Malinois, Laekenois) is unique in the fact that it works in mud, so it must be agile and able to turn quickly in a slippery environment, yet maintain the endurance of the trot. The withers (high, sharp) for lightness in the forehand is of prime importance. Muscle and ligament attachments to the withers are very important, arched neck VS straight or worse ewe neck. High withers vs top of the shoulder blades needs to be emphasized. Few books stress the uniqueness of the “mud pony” vs the movement on hard packed earth and the differences such an environment requires in a herding dog. " - Mary-Linda Adam

"I was at the seminar this weekend.  I learned a lot and realize how much more there is to learn."

"Clearly, there is much knowledge to pass along to dog fanciers. Enjoyed clarification responses to questions. Good stories that helped illustrate or lighten lecture."

"This is a lot of excellent material well-covered."

"I realize the research you both have done to have the knowledge and data you are presenting. Your context is excellent!! "

"I particularly enjoyed how you analyze the dogs, not by the Group that the breed is in but by the structure."

"Thanks! Great materials and presentation!"